But maybe not the kind of love story you’re thinking of. For over a decade Caryl has successfully worked as a creative gun-for-hire (aka. creative/art director consultant) with some of the top branding firms, ad agencies and private clients both nationally and internationally.

With a love for making things both intuitive and beautiful, she created everything from brands to websites to apps.

Then she fell in love… she met the man she would eventually marry and had two lovely kids which led her to discover a new love for celebrations. Weddings, baby showers, wedding showers, she loved planning them but more than anything else, she enjoyed creating all the memorable details for them.

Then more love… love for calligraphy, paper arts, painting…. it was all coming back from her fine arts days. So what better thing to do than to combine it all to do everything she loves all at once.

Now, Caryl does calligraphy for all sorts of events adding attentive touches like specialty inks, interesting papers, paper creations as well as using water colour for that extra detail.

Constantly creating new things, Caryl loves a challenge. If you have an idea or need ideas, she loves to hear what your big idea is and then help you come up with all the amazing and spectacular details that will make you smile, after all its all those little details that make your event the one you’ve always dreamed of.